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Message From The Director

In the millennium and globalisation era, global economies are changing dynamically in market trend and technology, which cause industries to become more competitive. Therefore, firms have to embrace a continuous pursuit of supremacy and excellence in order to stay ahead. "What is dreamt of in the past, may make you a leader in the present, but may be the history in the future". Thus, firms should always target at ongoing improvement in process, products and service.

LEOCO Industries adopts a continual quality commitment policy to improve process, products and service. So, our employees are being trained to always do the right thing at the first time and every time. Consequently, creating innovative employees through continuous human resources development have also been realized successfully. Meanwhile, for achieving process and product enhancement with upgrading in infrastructure investment & productive process are an essential for us.

Due to the commitment of our employees and management, LEOCO Industries has achieved recognizable proven quality standards and track records. The processes of Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries are near perfection. Furthermore, we have established ourselves as a major supplier of custom-made wire harnesses and cable assembly, both produced by our factories located in the middle and northern regions of Peninsular Malaysia, locally and overseas.

Finally, LEOCO Industries' pool of manpower and machinery will be steadily increased due to continuous investment. However, our customers, existing and potential, will always be our main concern as we hope to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. LEOCO Industries will continue advancing using tomorrow's technology today.